Surviving Cultic Abuse with Jennifer French (Part 2)
Seek SafelyNovember 21, 2022x
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Surviving Cultic Abuse with Jennifer French (Part 2)

Jennifer French is a counselor with a Master’s in Psychology of coercive control who focuses on helping victims of cultic abuse. She got into the field after her own experience with a cult group. She is also the creator and host of the Project Hope podcast.

In this second episode of two, Jean and Jennifer discuss this new era of cults, and Dr. Doyle pops in to share his thoughts!

They chat about: 

  • The implications of social media for cult activity
  • Legislation as the next phase of the fight against abusive self-help and cult abuse
  • Advice for seekers to stay safe when seeking self-improvement

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Also Mentioned: 

Red Flag Education

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