Bypassing–Spiritual and Otherwise–in Self-help
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Bypassing–Spiritual and Otherwise–in Self-help

Bypassing is, essentially, avoidance. It's something we all do from time to time as a response to something unpleasant in our lives. But sometimes bypassing can cause us to go too far, putting off challenge for later that we'd be better off dealing with now. And sometimes in the self-help world, bypassing is either encouraged or deeply embedded in the thought system being pushed.

Dr. Glenn highlights how spiritual bypassing, emotional bypassing, and reality bypassing are all especially dangerous for trauma survivors. Have a listen so you can be prepared to recognize bypassing and know whether or not it's a potential red flag situation.

On another note, special thank you to everyone who donated to Dr. Glenn's birthday fundraiser to benefit SEEK! We are always so grateful for the support!

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