Following up with Anne Peterson, Author of "Is This a Cult"
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Following up with Anne Peterson, Author of "Is This a Cult"

Previously on the Podcast, Anne Peterson introduced her new memoir, "Is This A Cult?" about her many years of involvement with Landmark. Anne joins the podcast again to discuss the response to her memoir, including a flood of messages from other ex-Landmarkians saying "same here!" Anne also shares what she's learned since her book launch that has given her even more clarity about her own experience and what needs to happen going forward to create a more ethical self-help industry.

SEEK is excited to share that Anne is launching the Safe Practitioners Workshop, an 8-session program for self-help practitioners and consumers, designed around the tenets of the SEEK Safely Promise. Sign up for one or all sessions here. The Workshop starts June 5th. Listen for more on what Anne sees as the SEEK Safely Movement.

A couple of corrections/clarifications to things said in the episode:
- We slightly misspoke on the specifics of the financial arrangements around the sale of WEA (Werner Erhard & Associates) to Landmark, and understated the amount. Here is the legal case in which the specific of the deal were reported:
- We conflated The Goddard School with Bill Gothard IBLP religious schools discussed in the doc-series Shinny Happy People. The Goddard School is a private pre-school company with an excellent reputation and has no affiliation to the Gothard schools.

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