Articulating a New Self-help Industry with Anne Peterson
Seek SafelyDecember 05, 2022x
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Articulating a New Self-help Industry with Anne Peterson

Anne Peterson has worked in and around the self-help industry for decades. Anne has designed and delivered programming for her own company as well as for some of the most prominent self-help gurus and one of the largest international self-development organizations in the world. 

Anne is hard at work to impact and improve this industry where she has spent so much time and, like us, sees so much potential. On this episode, Jean, Glenn, and Anne, chat about what a better self-help industry could look like: how to make space for the potential of this industry while building safeguards to help seekers avoid the kind of abuses that so many consumers and practitioners have experienced in the self-help world as it operates now.

(also, shout-out to Anne’s pup who was happily gnawing a bone in the background throughout our conversation ;)

A bit more about Anne:

Anne’s start in the world of making a difference for people may not look like others. From being a 16-year-old teen mom and starring with her son in an after school special and serving on the Washington State Steering Committee for School-Age Parenting, to designing and delivering practical and transformative inquiry based programs for thousands of people over a 20 year period, this became her focus.

After she became aware of the problematic design of group awareness programs and began to discover the red flags that point to a destructive cult and/or potential abuse in organizations, Anne is committed to provide safe environments for learning.

Known for bringing new ideas into reality, she has launched iLumn8.Life which is a gathering place bringing together life-long learners with the practitioners who offer personal & professional development that enhances and evolves the human experience. In an effort to ensure that each learner has a safe experience in their growth and development endeavors, all practitioners on the iLumn8.Life platform make the SEEK Safely Promise.

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