How Self-help Approaches Trauma (hint: it’s kind of a problem…)
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How Self-help Approaches Trauma (hint: it’s kind of a problem…)

Given how much of a buzzword TRAUMA is in the self-help/wellness/self-improvement world and even more broadly in our culture, we’re lucky that Dr. Glenn happens to be a trauma specialist! 

A lot of gurus and New Age love-and-light types are talking about trauma these days. One in particular stands out. Although there has been a lot of coverage of Teal Swan, the SEEK Safely Podcast has not addressed this very popular online persona who has made her name talking specifically about trauma. Jean and Dr. Glenn talk in this episode about what Teal Swan represents vis a vis trauma and the self-help world. 

They also discuss more broadly this question of why trauma has become a more open conversation in our culture–for better and worse. In particular, they get into the difference between how self-help tends to address trauma and mental health in general, versus how addressing trauma would look in a clinical setting with a licensed therapist or psychologist. While there might be some initial catharsis in diving into your trauma at a self-improvement retreat over a weekend, there are reasons why self-help consumers need to be really careful with this approach. 

Please be aware that we do refer extensively to suicide and trauma in this episode.

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Dr. Glenn Patrick Doyle at Insight Therapy Solutions

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