Man Cave Bacon-eating Energy: ‘The Manosphere’ and Self-help
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Man Cave Bacon-eating Energy: ‘The Manosphere’ and Self-help

“Not unlike the tactics used by cults, who often exploit people who are seeking meaning, The Manosphere and the alt right provide meaning in the form of misogyny and white supremacy, creating an “affective fabric” that binds them together.”

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Jean and Dr. Glenn dive into the murky waters of the Manosphere, specifically where it overlaps with the self-help world, traditionally an industry geared towards women. They discuss how the rise of this segment of the industry may indicate a reaction to recent women’s rights action like the #MeToo movement, and even, more recently the Barbie movie! From Masculinity Bro accounts to Wellness Bro influencers peddling absurd wellness hacks, this male-directed segment of self-optimization content is not necessarily new, but it is concerning in how it tends to be a gateway into more extreme, misogynist views. 

Please note, there are some spoiler-ish points in our conversation about the Barbie movie!

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