You Cannot Miss This Opportunity to Talk about MLMs!
Seek SafelyMay 01, 2023x
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You Cannot Miss This Opportunity to Talk about MLMs!

Jean and Glenn have an amazing opportunity to share with you! That’s right, we’re talking all about multi-level marketing! Why is the self-help podcast talking about MLMs? In this episode, the discussion specifically highlights the links and parallels between self-help and MLMs:

  • how they share similar tactics to pull people in 
  • the similar types of people that are targeted by MLMs and self-help
  • how they use self-help tropes like the Law of Attraction to condition/gaslight their victims sales associates
  • the shared history between self-help and MLMs
  • the familiar faces from the self-help industry that cross over into the MLM industry

Indeed, the ways in which MLMs operate and even the way the whole industry is shaped is very similar to the self-help industry. So before you sign up to an MLM ~or~ a self-help program, learn about some of the ways these “opportunities” might not live up to their promises. 

Quoted in the episode:

from American Beauty: “In order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times.”

Also mentioned in this Episode:

LuLaRich docu-series on Amazon Prime

John Oliver’s MLM segment

Robert L. Fitzpatrick, expert on home-based businesses

The Office clip

Steven Hassan’s BITE Model 

Penn and Teller BullshitEasy Money” episode

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